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2022 Fall Baseball Registration is now OPEN!

Summer is in full swing but it's already time to plan for Fall Baseball 2022.  Registration is now open for the Fall 2022 Season played right here in West Linn (limited number of 14U games will be played in Lake Oswego).

Registration Link:
We also need coaches for Fall Ball so if you are interested, please contact Joe Chan at:

Below is updated information on the 2022 West Linn Fall Baseball season. Registration closes in mid-August.  See you on the field!

Fall Ball:

We offer 3 levels of play during our Fall baseball season. Each level is designed to develop players in a less competitive environment than our Spring and Summer season. During the Fall we encourage coaches to rotate players into positions they may not normally play to gain experience. All Fall Ball games are played Sundays in West Linn on one of our four Turf fields to reduce weather impact. We play a six game Fall schedule which is open to teams from outside West Linn.  The games for the 10U and 12U divisions will be 6 innings or 1.75 hours (whichever comes first) and the 14U divisions will be 9 innings or 2.5 hours (whichever comes first).  Our Fall season begins August 28th and concludes on October 16th (No games on Labor Day Weekend).

The cost is $100/player at the 10U and 12U divisions and $120/player at the 14U division.
10U Fall Baseball: Teams will have a mix of 9 and 10-year-old players. Games will be played on a 60’ diamond, pitching from 46’. No leadoffs, or dropped 3rd  strike, and teams will bat the lineup.
12U Fall Baseball: Teams will have a mix of 11 and 12-year-old players. Games will be played on a 70’ diamond. Lead offs, Balks, and dropped 3rd  strikes are in play. Pitching is from 50’.
14U Fall Baseball: Teams will include 13 and 14-year-old players. Games will be played on a 90’ diamond. Pitching is from 60’6”.

Teams will be formed with a balanced roster based on playing experience.

Age Division Clarification: Players play Fall Ball in the age division where they will be playing in the spring season of the upcoming year.

Refunds: In the event that we are not able to play, we will be providing a refund of the registration fee less 6% to cover credit card and admin cost. In the event the season is cancelled after 1st game but before Sept 17th - there will be a 25% refund. After Sept 17th - no refunds. Refunds will only be given if WLBA is told we cannot play due to local, state, or national guidelines. Refunds will not be given for individual games cancelled by rain or forfeit.
**QUESTIONS? Contact our player agent Joe Chan at**

2022 Raffle Winners!!

Team Winner – Coach Bolstad – Pizza Party

West Linn Baseball needs your help! 

We are a community-based program and our board members are all volunteers. Many of our board members had young children in the program when they joined and now have served multiple terms and are ready to move on and hand the responsibility over to new community volunteers. In order for us to continue as a strong community baseball program we need new members of our West Linn community to step in and help fill our open board positions.  If we are unable to fill these positions, baseball will continue, but there will be some implications if we have open positions - and unfortunately would result in increased registration fees to keep our league running.. 

Please see below for open positions and how an empty spot will affect next season:

Tournament Director (open now)

  • Plan, organize, oversee 5-6 local tournaments per year.

If not filled: Our local teams will not hold any tournaments in West Linn.  Currently, we allow our teams to play in our tournaments free of charge. Without this position filled, registration fees for tournament teams will increase $50-100 per player in order to get the same number of tournaments outside of West Linn.  Tournaments also bring in revenue for the league - without this revenue, registration fees will increase $25-30 per player at all levels

Sponsorship / Fundraising (open in October)

  • Procure sponsors for the league and run annual fundraiser.

If not filled: This is a large part of our overall revenue. In order for us to continue to put money back in to equipment, field maintenance and improvements, etc, registration fees would increase $90-100 per player to make up for a lack of sponsors and fundraising.

Communication Director (open in October)

  • Manage league website, social media, and email communication to WLBA league membership.

If not filled: Website/calendar will not be updated; also rec league standings will not be updated. Significant decrease in communication regarding tryouts, fees, issues, fundraisers, etc. to league membership.

Secretary (open in October)

  • Run all administration of the league, including interaction with Babe Ruth, rostering players, coach admin, etc.

This is a must fill position. Many of the secretary tasks are essential to running a league under the rules of Babe Ruth. If unfilled – We would have to contract this out and fees would be increased to an undetermined amount.

Umpire Coordinator (open in October)

  • Train, organize and schedule umpires for local games.

If not filled: We would contract out all umpires and scheduling. This would increase our umpire costs by about 50% player registration fees would increase by approximately $25-30 as a result.  Additionally, we would lose jobs for our local young adults, many of whom make $400-500 per season umpiring local games.

President (open in October)

  • Oversee board and ensure smooth operation of spring, summer and fall baseball. Organize and run monthly board meetings. Ensure league tasks get accomplished.

This is a must fill position. Running the league by committee will be less efficient and would cause more work for each individual board member.

The West Linn Baseball Association’s mission is to foster, promote and teach baseball in West Linn and to provide maximum opportunity for all individuals to participate in a healthy, positive and safe environment with a strong focus on moral conduct, sportsmanship and teamwork. Current and past WLBA board members have given their time in support of this mission. Now, given the unique challenges our youth has faced over recent years, it is even more important for our community to have quality sports programs available to our youth. Involvement of new community members, especially those with young children in the program, will continue to ensure that West Linn is able to provide a quality community-based baseball program.

We have all thoroughly enjoyed serving our community and creating and sustaining a strong league, and hope we can convince more community members to join the board and continue to give our youth a place to play baseball..

Sorry for the long note, but please reach out to me if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Sean Sullivan - WLBA President -

Looking to sign up for Tournaments in West Linn?

This year we are planning a few tournaments and want to be sure if you are interested - you have the steps to navigate to the page to sign up.

Please see the graphic to the side on how to navigate to the page - if you have any questions about our hosted tournaments, please email

Go Fund Me for Noah Shockley - WLBA alumni

WLBA Families,

Please consider following/reading the below link about Noah Shockley.  Noah is a WLBA alumni, played rec baseball in our league, and is now a Junior in high school.  He and his family need help from our Community.

***WLBA Raffle Link - CLICK HERE***

*Sign In to site to see calendar events

WL Merchandise For Sale

Baseball pants, pictured to the right $10 (various sizes)

WL Hats (Pro style) $20 (various sizes)

WL Hats (Snap Back) $10 

WL past all star hats $20 (various sizes)

Coaching Shirts - $12 (various sizes)

Items can be purchased directly from Wade Hall, Equipment Manager

Mobile: 408-594-0448 (text)



T-Ball (PreK / K), Sluggers (1st Grade), Rookies (2nd Grade)

Cal Ripken

Recreational, All-Stars, Select

3rd, 4th, 5th, & 6th Grades

Sr. Baseball

Babe Ruth Federal and American, JBO National

7th & 8th Grades

WLBA Mission Statement

West Linn Lions Baseball is dedicated to providing the best baseball experience to the youth of our community.
Our mission is to foster, promote and teach baseball in West Linn, and to provide maximum opportunity for all individuals to participate in a healthy, positive and safe environment with a strong focus on moral conduct, sportsmanship and teamwork.

12U West Linn Green at the 2022 World Series

  • 12U West Linn Green at the 2022 World Series
  • Sr American wins 2022 Metro Mayhem Tournament
  • 11U Green Select Regional Winners Hosted by WLBA 2021
  • 11U Green Team Members at Cal Ripken World Series 2021
  • 11U Green Team 2021
  • 8U Summer All Star Team 2021
  • 10U Green @ 2021 Regionals in Salem
  • 10U Green Team 2021
  • 10U Green Team Kraken Tournament in Newport 2021
  • 10U Green - Ready for State Tourney 2021
  • Rosemont Ball Field at Sunset
  • 12U Green Team 2021 Tournament
  • 12U Green Team 2021
  • 11U Green 2021
  • 12U 2020
  • 11U Green State Champs 2021
  • 10U Select Team 2019
  • 14U Babe Ruth World Series 2019
  • 14U Babe Ruth World Series 2019
  • Gabel, 14U Babe Ruth 2019
  • Chan, Safe at Home
  • Bambino Team
  • 10U Select Team 2019
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WLBA Mailing Address:

19363 Willamette Dr,
PMB 169 West Linn, OR 97068

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