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Levels of Play

Keeping baseball FUN especially in the early stages of youth baseball is a primary concern of Babe Ruth League's Cal Ripken Division, which is comprised of the following divisions:

Tee Ball

Ballplayers in Pre-K & K (ages 4-5) learn hitting and fielding fundamentals in a supportive team environment. Young athletes hit the ball from a batting tee which is height-adjusted for a level swing, batting in order through the line-up for the entire game. Our primary goal is to instruct young players in the fundamentals of baseball in a fun environment.

A Ball

Ballplayers in 1st Grade (ages 6-7)  are introduced to pitching from approximately 20' by a coach. Each player usually receives 5 pitches while at bat. Our goal is to continue building good baseball fundamentals and improve confidence with a pitcher. 

AA Ball

This division is designed for ballplayers in 2nd grade (ages 7-8) and uses a pitching machine to allow for more hittable balls at the plate and more action in the field. With an average speed of 40 MPH, the pitching machine improves the ability of players to hit pitches. Our goal is to emphasize the development of fundamental skills and encourage confidence building.

AAA Ball (Minors)

For ballplayers in 3rd grade (ages 8-9), this division is the first level of team drafts. It is also the first time players experience post-season tournament competition, leading to the 10 Year-Old World Series. Our goal is to refine the player’s fundamental skills and begin understanding game strategy and teamwork.

Juniors (Major/60)

This division is for ballplayers in 4th grade (ages 9-10) and includes a team draft. It features a 46’ pitching distance and 60’ base paths. Special base running rules are also in effect.

Juniors (Major/70)

For ballplayers in 5th and 6th grade (ages 10-12), this division utilizes a team draft and a 50' pitching distance and 70' base paths. It is offered as an option to the major division format, and includes a tournament trail from District competition through the World Series. 


Babe Ruth Baseball League

Founded in 1951, Babe Ruth Baseball League was created for ballplayers ages 13-15 who wished to continue their baseball playing experience beyond the age of 12. In this division, teams are eligible to enter tournament competition and move along the tournament trail, culminating in a World Series. Players use standard 90’ diamonds under official baseball rules used by Major League Baseball.